New release: Eternal Lux

Eternal Lux
Martín del Río (a.k.a. Káwa Project) writes in to tell me about Eternal Lux, a new strategy RPG he’s created for Android. (If the name “Káwa Project” sounds familiar, that would probably be because of Aidinia RPG, covered here last year.) Eternal Lux has simple 16-color graphics and a MIDI soundtrack meant to evoke the old Ultima games of yore.

The premise of Eternal Lux is pretty straightforward:

“Have you noticed? The animals are running about scared, the plants have stopped growing, the sky has become covered by the darkest clouds humankind has ever seen… Lord Ympavid is awake.”

Night has fallen upon the land of Elocesia, and it’s up to you and your party of adventurers to save it!

Among the game’s features:

• 16-color old-school graphics!
• Awesome MIDI soundtrack!
• Lots of dungeons to explore and treasures to find!
• More than 20 different items and pieces of equipment to obtain!
• Over 30 different classes of monsters to fight!

First impressions: I’ve played up to a little past the first quest and boss, and so far it’s quite simplistic. There isn’t much in the way of party creation or management outside of battle. You begin with two melee fighters and a bowman, and that’s that. There isn’t anything like character customization or alternate equipment load-outs. It’s simplistic in battle, too; the bowman can shoot enemies anywhere on the battlefield, and every character moves no more than a single space per turn. There is no magic that I have seen. From what I can tell, there is never any reason to do anything other than have your fighters hang out and pass their turns while the bowman picks off the enemies (very slowly) advancing across the battlefield. Thus far, I can count on one hand the number of battles where my melee fighters actually ended up having to take a swing at an enemy.

Despite (or perhaps because of) its extreme simplicity, Eternal Lux makes for a pleasant little time-waster. The setting is charming, and selecting optimal targets for the bowman is just engaging enough to keep me occupied on my train ride to and from work. And perhaps it gets more involved later on?

Eternal Lux is an Android exclusive, and is 100% free. You can snag it from Google Play here.

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  • Rainer says:

    I played the whole game and I liked it. Storyline is good, music is great and the whole gameplay is OK. But, the battles are most of the times very hard. Most times your archer is just shooting and the melee warriors are just waiting until the enemies can be attacked by melee weapons.
    Things to be improved: The best weapons can only be bought for the archer. Also the best melee weapon can only be bought for the archer (as I have been told by the shop assistant). Also, the number of battles should be reduced, because sometimes every 4-5 steps you will be attacked. Magical spells would be nice.

    Anyhow, I would love to play an Eternal Lux II even if I have to pay for it.


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