The Wizard announced

The Wizard
Jan Lachnit writes in to tell me about The Wizard, a free turn-based dungeon-crawler in development by Hypnotic Owl (i.e. himself and his friend Hannes Flor).

The premise:

You play as the exceptionally handsome, but uneducated wizard Kevin and your good looks have just been stolen.
To get them back you are forced to learn various magic spells on the fly and pursue the mysterious thief through the dangerous dungeons underneath the wizard academy.

You’ll be in charge of a single character–the titular wizard–with a book of spells that you can cast by drawing patterns around the wizard himself. You will also have the ability to upgrade those spells yourself.

Here is a goofy little trailer that should give you the gist:

Jan says that The Wizard is most likely a few months away from release, at which point it will be released as a browser game.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Are the dungeons fixed or is it a roguelike?
    Fixed dungeons with roguelike gameplay seems interesting.

    • Jan says:

      The dungeons and spells are fixed. We’ve come to call it a dungeon puzzler, because you’re put in front of designed “problem” that can be solved in a couple of different ways.
      However if enough people like the game we plan to develop a sequel that also features a roguelike mode with randomly generated dungeons.

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