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New release: The Wizard

As was foretold by the great sage Yourstruly, turn-based dungeon crawler The Wizard has now been released by developer Hypnotic Owl! The premise: You are the most handsome wizard of the academy. Except your face just got stolen. Can you make it through monster-filled mazes to catch the mysterious thief? Learn arcane gestures to cast […]

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The Wizard release date announced

Jan Lachnit of Hypnotic Owl has written in to announce that The Wizard (previously covered here) is going to be released on July 23, 2014 as well. Anyone else feel like releasing their game on that day? Anyone?

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The Wizard announced

Jan Lachnit writes in to tell me about The Wizard, a free turn-based dungeon-crawler in development by Hypnotic Owl (i.e. himself and his friend Hannes Flor). The premise: You play as the exceptionally handsome, but uneducated wizard Kevin and your good looks have just been stolen. To get them back you are forced to learn […]

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