New release: The Wizard

The Wizard
As was foretold by the great sage Yourstruly, turn-based dungeon crawler The Wizard has now been released by developer Hypnotic Owl!

The premise:

You are the most handsome wizard of the academy. Except your face just got stolen. Can you make it through monster-filled mazes to catch the mysterious thief? Learn arcane gestures to cast magic spells and gather experience to make them more powerful! Position yourself strategically and outwit your enemies. Play this amazing turn-based dungeon crawler to prove that you are not just a pretty face!

You’ll have an ever-expanding spellbook at your disposal, from which you’ll cast particular spells by drawing their patterns around yourself. The Wizard appears to play like a roguelike, but it lacks the “procedurally generated world” aspect necessary to the designation, instead featuring fixed levels with hand-designed puzzles.

Here’s the trailer again:

The Wizard is 100% free, though the developers have helpfully placed a Paypal donation widget on the game’s page in case you want to help them out financially.

As an HTML5 browser game, The Wizard is playable on any computer or device with a working browser. (The developers recommend using Chrome.) Play The Wizard here.

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