Swords of Anima announced

Swords of Anima
It has been brought to my attention that there is a new 3D indie strategy RPG in development for mobile devices by indie devs 4Hands Games. The game: Swords of Anima.

The official narrative summary for Swords of Anima could do with a little editing from a native English-speaker, but I think it gets the point across:

In the Old Night times, Maelstorm was born. Its voracious magic expanded all over the world, bringing war and darkness. Althought the nations returns to peace, a terrible evil grows stronger. Whole populations perish at night leaving a dead trace in the morning. This has become to been known as the Curse of the Eclipse.

Guide Dolian and Laocorn, Captain of the XII Squad, in a journey to unmask the true enemy of the Empire as they find new allies to join their ranks. From Adastrea to the Islands of Fog, you will face relentless pirate Berserkers, spooky Custodians from Khoda and the savage Gerspent battlemaidens.

In presentation, this game reminds me quite a bit of the Gamecube classic Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, albeit with battle cutscenes turned off and somewhat more rigid character animations:

Planned features include:

– 8 playable classes and more than 30 unique characters.
– Deep combat system: skills, auras, magic, battle stances…
– Optional challenges to unlock secrets.
– Upgrade your weapons and armors in the Forge.
– A compelling story.
– No in-app purchases.

Swords of Anima is planned for initial release on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in September of this year, with an Android release to follow.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Undecided on this one. I like SRPGs and the gameplay seems fine, but the battle animations are a bit boring. Wish they had made something more interesting like Shining Force or Fire Emblem did.


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