Sproggiwood announced

Three-person indie studio Freehold Games has announced Sproggiwood, a story-driven roguelike set in a world inspired by Finnish mythology.

The premise:

You begin as a simple farmer from the peaceful island of Clog. Lured into a mysterious portal by a talking sheep, you find yourself in a strange and wondrous realm as the prisoner of Sproggi, a mischievous forest spirit. But why has he captured you? To tame the wild creatures that roam the forests of his world, or so he says.

Hack at giant slimes, dodge flying fish, and outwit angry goat-men as you plunder beautiful, procedural dungeons for scrolls, potions, swords, and staves! And just as you think you’ve got the hang of adventuring in Sproggiwood, you do something to trigger the rise of a rival civilization. Will you and your Cloghead brethren become fast friends with these new mushroom people, or will they sabotage Sproggi’s best laid plans and endanger all of Sproggiwood?

As you go from dungeon to dungeon, these rival civilizations grow, racing to outclass one another with new weaponry. The developers state: “As you grow your civilization, play through each dungeon as one of six classes — farmer, warrior, archer, thief, vampire, and wizard — each with its own powers, art, and play style, each offering a unique tactical experience. Hack or think your way through dungeons, bask in piles of loot, and force civilization upon the inhabitants of Sproggiwood! It’s yours to seize!”

Is this is a tongue-in-cheek message about the effects of imperialism, or an endorsement of it? The game’s trailer seems to suggest the former:

Sproggiwood is reportedly planned for release on Steam on October 24th.

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  • BarryB says:

    Sounds interesting, though we’ll see if “fight or think” really works, given how easy it is to code fight, rather than think.

    Lured into a mysterious portal by a talking sheep…

    You know, the sheep part should have been a dead giveaway that something funny is going on. But noooo…


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