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Caves of Qud announced, public alpha released

Brian Bucklew of Freehold Games (the 3-person studio that you may remember as the developer of Sproggiwood) writes in to tell me about Caves of Qud, a strange retrofuturist science fiction/fantasy roguelike. Impressively, Freehold Games have apparently been developing CoQ since 2007. (I mean, 10 years is actually not that enormous a period of time […]

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Megan Fox of Rocketcat Games has evidently been doing PR duty for Sproggiwood developers Freehold Games these past couple of weeks. She sent me a build of Sproggiwood to check out a few days ago, and in true fashion, I did so with my headset on and FRAPS a-running. The result: So! What did […]

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New release: Sproggiwood

Megan Fox writes in to announce the release of Sproggiwood, a graphical roguelike from three-person Indiana indie studio Freehold Games. The premise: Bring civilization to Sproggiwood, a story-driven, turn-based roguelike set in a humorous world inspired by Finnish mythology. One moment, you’re a simple farmer tending your grove — the next, you’re lured through a […]

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Sproggiwood announced

Three-person indie studio Freehold Games has announced Sproggiwood, a story-driven roguelike set in a world inspired by Finnish mythology. The premise: You begin as a simple farmer from the peaceful island of Clog. Lured into a mysterious portal by a talking sheep, you find yourself in a strange and wondrous realm as the prisoner of […]

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