New release: Heroes of Steel Episode 3: Whispers Over Steel

Heroes of Steel
The tireless Trese Brothers have now released a third episode of their top-down tactical dungeon crawler Heroes of Steel.

Prior coverage on the series can be found here; but for those who need to be caught up, the gist is that you play a group of four characters navigating the labyrinthine Underdeep after an apocalyptic event renders the surface of the world uninhabitable. There’s lots of dungeon delving and turn-based, action-point-based combat.

The premise of this latest episode is as follows:

The lights have burnt low, and the black gloom in the caverns shows it is the dead of night in the Underdeep. Your Heroes have talked late, for they while know what path they must take, there are hard choices ahead. The baleful threat of the City of the Dead hangs over the eastern regions, straining the relationships of the Braeys Family and Baron Koda to the breaking point.

It is time now to take up your weapons and ready your magic. Dark sorcery and even darker secrets await you in the City of the Dead. As does the surface of the world – the broken, shattered old world that your people once ruled.

The Trese Brothers write that Episode 3 adds 20 new dungeons, 20 new monster types, and more than 200 new types of weapons and gear to the game, enlarging the content in Heroes of Steel by an additional 33%. Character level caps have been increased from 28 to 36. Additionally, the update includes balance changes, a new option to make the game go faster, and an auto-buff feature.

You can snag all four episodes of Heroes of Steel on Android or iOS for $3.99, or for Windows at an $11.99 price point via Steam or Desura. (Or, if you’re a mobile gamer and the masochistic sort, you can download the prologue for free and download each subsequent episode a la carte via IAP.)

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