Underrail public alpha released

We last covered real-time, isometric, sci-fi wRPG Underrail way, way back in 2012 (not counting the time we showed an updated trailer for the game two years ago).

Word now reaches me that Underrail–which is still in alpha all these years later–has now been released for public consumption on Steam Early Access, Desura, and Gamersgate at a $10 price point (minus a few cents).

You can watch me playing a very old build of the game here if you want a sense of how the game plays before plunking down money.

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  • BarryB says:

    As an old MoM fan, I can tell you that it’s “Civilization gets magic” kind of strategy game. So you have to explore, exterminate stuff you encounter along the way, build your cities, form diplomatic alliances, etc. This clone looks very, very good, but it’s still quite buggy at 1.05. I’m hopeful they’ll fund it to a completely bugless state and buff the AI.

  • BarryB says:

    This should have been under Worlds of Magic. Bah.


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