Forgotten Forces announced

Forgotten Forces
Tassilo Rau of German indie studio Bumblebee Games writes in the announce Forgotten Forces, a first-person dungeon delver they’re developing.

The premise:

Drive deep into the mysterious caverns discovered below, search for ancient artifacts, translate foreign inscriptions and solve tricky riddles to reach it’s depth and discover an ancient mystery.

Here’s a teaser trailer–as you can see, Forgotten Forces is going to be party-based, with real-time fights and cooldown timers somewhat reminiscent of Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder (though I don’t believe you’ll be maneuvering your party around the environments during a fight as you would in those games):

The developers note that you can create your own party of characters and recruit NPCs into your party. The game will feature spell-crafting and item crafting, a guild that provides quests, and NPC encounters with dialogue trees and multiple different outcomes. They state: “Expect at least 20 different creatures to battle, 30 floors to explore, 50 items to collect and ten hours to play.”

As the trailer suggests, Bumblebee are currently trying to get this one through Steam Greenlight; you can vote here if you’re inclined to give the game a push. Full release is planned for sometime in 2016.

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