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Forgotten Forces announced

Tassilo Rau of German indie studio Bumblebee Games writes in the announce Forgotten Forces, a first-person dungeon delver they’re developing. The premise: Drive deep into the mysterious caverns discovered below, search for ancient artifacts, translate foreign inscriptions and solve tricky riddles to reach it’s depth and discover an ancient mystery. Here’s a teaser trailer–as you […]

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New release: GhostControl Inc.

Tassilo Rau of Bumblebee Games (ongoing developers of the jRPG Days of Dawn) writes in to tell me about a tactical RPG / strategy game hybrid they recently released. The name? GhostControl Inc. Tassilo describes GhostControl as marriage of “turn-based strategy like in X-Com, business management as in Theme Hospital and insane ghosthunting like in […]

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Days of Dawn announced

After an improbable, impressive last-minute rally in its Kickstarter campaign, Days of Dawn has at last been successfully funded–which, in turn, means that this game is now actually happening. In development by Bumblebee Games, Days of Dawn is reportedly influenced by Final Fantasy and The Secret of Mana; its combat system seems pretty firmly set […]

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