New release: The Legacy of Isaelius

The Legacy of Isaelius
Jack Lambermont writes in to announce the release of his new action RPG inspired by Zelda II. Its name? The Legacy of Isaelius.

The premise is pretty damned straightforward:

Take control of Dimitri, and seek revenge for the murder of your best bud, Isaelius.

Lambermont writes that The Legacy of Isaelius features towns, sidescrolling platforming / combat levels, loot, shops, bosses, and so on.

Here’s a trailer:

The game may be a bit rough in its visual presentation, but that’s pretty understandable given that Lambermont began developing this in high school. Moreover, it’s free, so you really can’t complain too much.

Get The Legacy of Isaelius for zero dollars via the game’s page; Windows and Mac.

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