New release: Dungeon Monsters

Dungeon Monsters
Word reaches me that French indie developers Mana Cube have just released a mobile first-person dungeon delver in the Shin Megami Tensei vein called Dungeon Monsters.

The premise:

Collect over 400 units, evolve them into fierce fighters and come up with clever battle strategies. Roam the depths of the underground and save the world from a lurking evil, grabbing serious loot along the way in this ground-breaking first-person RPG. But watch your steps in the dungeons! For you will forever rot underground should your torch run out before you’ve managed to find the exit.

Here’s a trailer:

For better and worse, Dungeon Monsters is free to play with in-app-purchases. Along those lines, one of the game’s innovations is a torch mechanic which limits the number of steps you have available to complete a dungeon level; when the light goes out, you have to restart. Refilling the torch so you can keep exploring a dungeon level costs real-life money.

If you’re dying for a first-person dungeon delver on your smart phone but too stingy to pay actual money for it, this might be for you. Dungeon Monsters is available now for both iOS and Android.

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  • Jim says:

    I’m tempted, but I hate freemium / pay to win games. I’d rather pay upfront. Have you played the game personally?

    Or, if not, what games would you recommend in this vein? I’m willing to pony up the dough.

    • Craig Stern says:

      The closest thing I can think of to this mechanics-wise is the Shin Megami Tensei series (SMT IV is the latest of these to come out, and it’s a 3DS game).

      As for first-person dungeon delvers in general, there’s no shortage of those! (See: Legend of Grimrock and Legend of Grimrock 2 were extremely well-received, and I personally found Heroes of a Broken Land really interesting. If you prefer something story-driven, you may want to try Frayed Knights.

      And if you really want something mobile-specific, maybe have a look at Questlord:

      • Jim says:

        I will give Heroes of a Broken Land a shot! Thanks for the recommendations. I enjoy the dungeon crawl SMT games (the SNES ones, SMT4, Strange Journey.) I don’t like the ones where you play high schoolers who have 7 days to have terrible conversations and use their cell phones; I just don’t get the appeal there. Grimrock is awesome.

        I also dig Telepath RPG, but unfortunately the dev is a recluse who doesn’t seem to want to make any more games 😉


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