New release: Slayer Shock

Phew! Sorry for the hiatus, folks–I ended up needing more time to recharge there than I’d planned. Let’s get back into the swing of things!

Today, I’m belatedly posting about the release of Slayer Shock. Developed by David Pittman of Minor Key Games (of Eldritch fame), Slayer Shock is a “role-playing shooter” of vampire-hunting thematically reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The premise:

Operating from your headquarters at a college coffee shop, you take missions to patrol the streets, rescue captive humans, and weaken the undead threat. A team of fellow vampire slayers assists you from HQ, providing new weapons, skills, and research.

With a format that lovingly recalls scripted television (missions are “episodes”, each campaign is a “season”), Slayer Shock blends immersive first-person action, lightweight strategy, and procedural narrative into a uniquely thrilling experience.

Assemble a team, hunt the vampires, and save your hometown!

Here’s the release trailer:

There aren’t too many details about the game available from the developer beyond that, I’m afraid.

You can nab Slayer Shock on Steam, and the Humble Store. Windows Mac and Linux; $19.99.

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