New release: Alvora Tactics

Sean Hayden of Rad Codex writes in to announce that his strategy RPG Alvora Tactics (previously covered here) has now been released!

The premise remains:

Great Serpent Alvora has been tormenting Limroft for centuries, swooping down and devouring wilderness and cities. Now its corpse has been discovered hanging off a remote cliffside – and it’s up to you to explore and discover the valuable ancient ruins within!

Rad Codex, as you may recall, is the developer of Voidspire Tactics, another strategy RPG that I checked out (and quite enjoyed) back in November 2015. Alvora Tactics appears to retain the same engine and overall design approach as Voidspire did,with free-roaming exploration and turn-based tactical battles with a small party. The developer writes:

Combat is turn-based, where each character and move and act once per turn. Each class grants them access to 7 abilities, and each character can equip 2 classes, as well as 3 passive abilities.

Exploration is top-down overworld movement, similar to Zelda or Ultima VII. You can interact with the environment and solve puzzles using the same class abilities that you use in combat.

The trailer should give you the basic idea vis-a-vis how it looks and plays:

The changes to the formula include a larger party size (6, up from 4 in Voidspire) and new terrain mechanics, each addressing one of the few weaknesses I observed in the preceding title.

Here’s the full feature list:

  • Deep, challenging combat that is streamlined and easy to understand
  • Explore a mix of procedural and handcrafted areas
  • Destructible terrain and elemental interactions – set a jungle ablaze with fire magic, or summon water then electrify it!
  • Combine 10 races, 23 classes, 150+ upgrade-able abilities, and 50+ passives to create your ideal party
  • Unique fantasy setting; no elves, orcs, or dwarves
  • Built using the same engine, mechanics, and setting as the highly-rated Voidspire Tactics

Alvora Tactics is $9.99, with a 10% discount during its launch week; you can buy it direct from the developer, or on (Alvora Tactics is not yet on Steam, but can be upvoted here if you’d like to help it become available in that venue.) Windows only.

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