New release: Galaxy of Pen and Paper

Remember the old indie hit Knights of Pen and Paper from way back in 2012? Brazilian indie studio Behold Studios (more recently known for the not-technically-Power-Rangers tactics game Chroma Squad) has now released a follow-up title by the name Galaxy of Pen and Paper!

As the title suggests, GoPaP appears to be a sci-fi riff on the same meta theme behind the original Knights of Pen and Paper:

Galaxy of Pen & Paper is a turn-based, space meta RPG about a group of players rolling dice in the year 1999! Create your own game master and dream RPG party, explore distant planets, fight weird aliens and save the galaxy in the era of dial-up internet and floppy disks!

Here’s the trailer:

As you can see in the trailer, GoPaP features both squad-level turn-based combat and turn-based ship-to-ship battles, as well as simulated die rolls and galactic exploration. The developers write that you can customize your party, the players playing the party, and the GM him/herself.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is available for Windows and Mac on Steam for $14.99; Windows, Mac, and Linux on The Humble Store for $14.99; as well as on Android and iOS for $4.99. The Linux version for Steam has been delayed (most likely due to the fact that pushing non-Windows stuff to Steam is an unholy pain in the ass).

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