Archive for the ‘movies’ Category Checks Out Defender’s Quest Gold Edition

As mentioned in last week’s coverage of Defender’s Quest, there is a Gold Edition due for release soon with improved graphics, an improved interface, and a special New Game+ that adds sidequests and special abilities to items. Lars Doucet of Level Up Labs was nice enough to give me access to a pre-release version of […]

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Video preview: OFF

I just wrote about OFF the other day; I’ll admit, I was intrigued, so I figured I’d give the game a shot and record the experience. The results of my brief foray into the surreal world of OFF are documented below: As an aside: I learned something today, folks. Dehort is totally a word.

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Hey there, folks! I was recently given access to a preview build of Drox Operative, the upcoming outer space action RPG from Soldak Entertainment. Rather than try to describe it in a written preview, I figured I’d do something a little different: record myself playing it for the first time and offer commentary as I […]

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Movie night: Dead State and Underrail

Grab your popcorn, folks–it’s movie night once again! This week, we have a new trailer from Dead State and a video of the latest build of Underrail. Hit the jump for the movies:

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Movie night: Phantasmaburbia and Minion Master

Grab your popcorn and get cozy, folks! It’s the start of a brand-new feature here on, where we show off new movies of indie RPGs. This evening, we have: Phantasmaburbia (announced here, and followed up by an interview with the creator here); and Minion Master (announced here, and given a thorough preview by our […]

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