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New release: Choice of Zombies

Prolific developer Choice of Games has released a new entry in the Choice Of series, this one (…sigh…) zombie-themed. In Choice of Zombies, you play an ordinary person caught in a zombie apocalypse. Will you fight using brawn or brains? Will you keep your humanity intact or become a bloodthirsty zombie hunter? Can you stay […]

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New release: Choice of Intrigues

I received an email a couple of weeks ago about a new “Choice Of” game release, Choice of Intrigues. It begins: Dear Craig, Have you ever wished to be the heroine of a romance novel? Think you could have run Anne Boleyn’s life better than she did? Want to walk a mile in Princess Kate’s […]

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New releases: Dubloon and Choice of Broadsides

This is apparently something of a week for nautical-themed RPGs. Banov has released his freeware JRPG “Dubloon,” which he describes as a “point-n-click pirate RPG adventure game.” It’s available here–you can see a short gameplay vid of it below: Meanwhile, I’ve received an email from Heather Albano of Choice of Games, who has recently released […]

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