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New release: Krai Mira: Extended Cut

Asia Przybyłowicz writes in to announce that the post-apocalyptic, isometric wRPG Krai Mira: Extended Cut has released on Steam. Krai Mira originally released in July 2016, and this Extended Cut version evidently just came out last month. (What can I say: it’s new to me!) Developers Tall Tech Studio write that Krai Mira takes direct […]

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New release: Skyshine’s Bedlam

Word reaches me that Skyshine’s Bedlam (previously known merely as Bedlam) has now been released into the world! Developed by 3-person studio Skyshine, Skyshine’s Bedlam is a squad-based roguelike set in the post-apocalypse. The narrative premise: As the technological marvel of Bysantine falls victim to overcrowding, class distinction, corporate conflict and organized crime, there comes […]

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