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Reobirth pre-alpha demo released

Jon Dibble, the developer behind up-and-coming 2D side-scrolling aRPG Reobirth (previously covered here), writes in to announce the release of a short demo for the game. Reobirth remains early in development, and so the demo is necessarily rather limited. Dibble states that the demo is essentially a survival minigame: Armed with your blade and bow […]

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Reobirth: Magic’s Awakening announced

Jon Dibble writes in to inform me of a side-scrolling action RPG he’s working on called Reobirth: Magic’s Awakening. (That’s not a typo, by the way–it’s actually spelled Reobirth, and pronounced like “ray o’ birth”.) Here’s the premise: When Reo, a powerful and devastating form of elemental magic, is unleashed across the greatest expands of […]

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