Welcome to IndieRPGs.com!

Welcome to IndieRPGs.com, a new web site dedicated to indie computer RPGs! There are two reasons for this site to exist:

  1. Mainstream RPG websites fixate mostly on big studio releases;
  2. Indie games websites tend to ignore RPGs.

Those two things, taken together, mean that the vast majority of indie RPGs get passed over for coverage. That, in turn, means fewer people learn about indie RPGs, fewer sales are made on the indie RPGs that get released, and fewer developers can afford to keep making indie RPGs going forward.

That just doesn’t sit right with me–that’s why I’ve created this site. The mission of IndieRPGs.com is twofold:

  1. To provide an easy resource for people looking to learn about indie RPGs that they would never have learned about otherwise, and
  2. To provide hard-working indie RPG developers the attention that they deserve.

Together, I believe that we can make the world safe for indie RPGs once more!

Interested in contributing to the site? Send me an email to talk about becoming a regular contributor!

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  • bernd says:

    Hi! Got a little feedback for ya:

    I like most of what I’ve seen/read so far, and the only thing that annoyed me was that way too much stuff “flares up” on mouseover (links, headlines, tags, some(!?) pics, …). Sometimes, less is more. The articles themselves are nicely done, but you should think about including a second link to the game being discussed at the end of the article – scrolling all the way back up wouldn’t be necessary that way.

    Keep up the good work!

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