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How to not fail at Kickstarter in 8 more steps

Since I posted How to not fail at Kickstarter in 12 easy steps last April, a lot more people have come to me seeking advice–and as a direct result, my list has grown. The time has come for another article, one with even more tips and tricks for funding your game. Lest you think this […]

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How to not fail at Kickstarter in 12 easy steps

I’ve been seeing a lot of failed indie RPG crowdfunding campaigns lately. It’s hardly a new phenomenon, though, and it’s not unique to RPGs: last September, Kickstarter reported that less than 1 in 4 video game campaigns were funded successfully over the preceding months. Personally, I think that stinks–so I’m writing this article in an […]

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Weekend quest: upvote stuff on Greenlight!

When I first created this site, I envisioned it as both a way for (1) people to find out about indie RPGs they might never have heard of, and (2) indie RPG developers to get attention they might never have received otherwise. Recently, Valve created a way for people to not only get attention for […]

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Opinion: Greenlight shouldn’t have been greenlighted

This is a guest perspective by Greg Lobanov about the new Steam game approval process “Greenlight.” Valve’s press release, posted yesterday, states: “Steam Greenlight allows developers and publishers to post information and media about their game in an effort to convince the Community that the game should be released on Steam. Greenlight piggybacks on Steam […]

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Opinion: this is what “indie game” means

So, it turns out there’s some guy named Craig Stern running his mouth over on Sinister Design about how to define the phrase “indie game.” You guys don’t care about indie games, right? Of course not! That’s why you’re here, on Here’s a snippet of the piece: We define words for practical reasons: to […]

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The indie RPG community hasn’t had a good community hub for quite some time, and I like the thought of having one here on Hence, the new forums. I intend these to serve as a place for us to respectfully discuss indie RPGs, and as a place for indie RPG developers to mingle with […]

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Welcome to!

Welcome to, a new web site dedicated to indie computer RPGs! There are two reasons for this site to exist: Mainstream RPG websites fixate mostly on big studio releases; Indie games websites tend to ignore RPGs. Those two things, taken together, mean that the vast majority of indie RPGs get passed over for coverage. […]

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