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New release: Phantasmaburbia

Greg “Banov” Lobanov has just released Phantasmaburbia, his jRPG opus about a suburban subdivision infested with ghosts and the small band of teenagers who must fight increasingly desperate odds to save it. The year is 201X (twenty-X-teen) and Owl Creek, a small modern neighborhood, has suddenly been overrun with ghosts. Four local kids, wielding weapons […]

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Greg Lobanov (a.k.a. Banov) was good enough to provide me with a pre-release beta build of his upcoming jRPG spookfest Phantasmaburbia, and so I did what I usually do when developers give me early access: I scoped the game out and made a video! Click below to get a special sneak peek: Phantasmaburbia is due […]

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Phantasmaburbia release date announced

Greg Lobanov writes in to announce a release date for his ghostly jRPG Phantasmaburbia, previously covered here and the subject of an interview here. Banov has selected October 31st to put the game out (which makes sense, given its subject matter). Banov says Phantasmaburbia is mostly done, but that he needs to spend time polishing it […]

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Movie night: Phantasmaburbia and Minion Master

Grab your popcorn and get cozy, folks! It’s the start of a brand-new feature here on, where we show off new movies of indie RPGs. This evening, we have: Phantasmaburbia (announced here, and followed up by an interview with the creator here); and Minion Master (announced here, and given a thorough preview by our […]

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Interview with Banov recently sat down with Greg Lobanov (a.k.a. “Banov”), creator of the innovative pirate-themed jRPG Dubloon, for a chat about his latest project, Phantasmaburbia. We also talk about RPG pricing and his experience so far with transitioning from free games to commercial work.

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Phantasmaburbia announced

Banov has now officially announced his newest RPG project, Phantasmaburbia. “But Craig,” you say, “didn’t you post about this befo–” Yes. But now it’s official. More importantly, he’s released a new demo and a trailer for us to play/look at, respectively, which means that it’s news. Here’s that trailer:

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Phantasmaburbia demo released

Banov has released a public demo of Phantasmaburbia, a new RPG he’s working on using the Dubloon engine. The premise of the game: Ghosts and evil spirits begin to appear all over town, corresponding with the impending reincarnation of a transdimensional demon. A group of teens, armed with weapons found in their homes and assisted […]

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