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New release: Phantasmaburbia

Greg “Banov” Lobanov has just released Phantasmaburbia, his jRPG opus about a suburban subdivision infested with ghosts and the small band of teenagers who must fight increasingly desperate odds to save it. The year is 201X (twenty-X-teen) and Owl Creek, a small modern neighborhood, has suddenly been overrun with ghosts. Four local kids, wielding weapons […]

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Game review: Dubloon

Title: Dubloon Developer: Banov Platforms: Windows Price: Free Dubloon is a jRPG developed by Banov that sports a pirate theme, tile-based movement, and visible, wandering enemy encounters. Featuring an odd mix of inspired design decisions and sloppy implementation, Dubloon is the first RPG I can recall having played where the system I played it on […]

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