Weekend quest: upvote stuff on Greenlight!

When I first created this site, I envisioned it as both a way for (1) people to find out about indie RPGs they might never have heard of, and (2) indie RPG developers to get attention they might never have received otherwise. Recently, Valve created a way for people to not only get attention for their games, but to actually get a foot in the door of the most popular gateway for PC games in existence.

Today, I present to you a list of games that I’ve previously covered here on the site which are now on Steam Greenlight, waiting for intrepid indie RPG fans to upvote them and make Valve take notice.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it: find the ones you like and upvote them! (Disclaimer: I’ve probably missed a few games. If you see any I missed, I encourage you to point it out in the comments.)

Without further ado, here is the list–click the asterisks to read our prior coverage of the game:

You don’t have to depend solely on this list; Greenlight provides a way for you to browse all projects tagged as RPGs. Unfortunately, a fair few of these really aren’t RPGs at all, and I don’t have the time to sort through them all just now. Regardless, I do encourage you to explore further on your own!

I’ll be covering some of the ones we haven’t seen before over the next few weeks. (I’m not gonna lie: I’m a little surprised to see so many indies there who haven’t emailed me yet. Come on, guys!) Once I’ve accumulated some new prospects, I should have an updated list for you all to use.

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