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Site policy change!

Hey gang! It’s been a while since I last had time to post about new games here on The reasons are myriad–life is busy, I’m hunkering down to develop a new game, blah blah blah–but more than that, it’s that one of my own past decisions about this site has become incompatible with my […]

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Happy 300th!

Greetings, gentle readers! It occurred to me just now that we’ve passed our 300th post here on Before we break out the noise-makers, I hope you’ll forgive me if I take a moment to wax sentimental. It has been more than two and a half years since I began this site, hoping to provide […]

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Weekend quest: upvote stuff on Greenlight!

When I first created this site, I envisioned it as both a way for (1) people to find out about indie RPGs they might never have heard of, and (2) indie RPG developers to get attention they might never have received otherwise. Recently, Valve created a way for people to not only get attention for […]

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