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I’ve been itching to try out Driftmoon ever since its release last week; in this video, I scratch that itch. Among other things, this is the first (and probably only) time you will hear me read dialog as a hermit crab pirate. Come watch as I play through the first 35 minutes of Driftmoon!

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Ever since checking out the early beta of Legends of Eisenwald last month, I’ve wanted to compare and contrast it with Aterdux Entertainment’s earlier title Discord Times (which sounds like a newspaper, but is decidedly a video game). Legends of Eisenwald is basically an unofficial sequel to Discord Times, so I figured it’d be interesting […]

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Happy Friday, everyone! As a special treat, I bring to you a new episode of Checks Out, this time having a peek at the moody, atmospheric Zelda-alike Anodyne (previously covered here). Sean Hogan, one of the game’s developers, updated the official demo yesterday in anticipation of Anodyne’s planned release on February 4th; I’ve been […]

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Last Spring, you may recall me having posted about Legends of Eisenwald, a King’s Bounty-style RPG by Aterdux Entertainment with castles, garrisons and turn-based tactical battles. LoE was more than 2 years into development at that time, and was well on its way to raising what would turn out to be more than $83,000 on […]

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After writing about His Dark Majesty a few days ago, I felt compelled to check the game out. It took some doing, but I finally got FRAPS to play nice with the game so I could show my first impressions playing it. Have a look: All in all, it’s pretty impressive for something running on […]

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Greg Lobanov (a.k.a. Banov) was good enough to provide me with a pre-release beta build of his upcoming jRPG spookfest Phantasmaburbia, and so I did what I usually do when developers give me early access: I scoped the game out and made a video! Click below to get a special sneak peek: Phantasmaburbia is due […]

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Video preview: Checks Out The Real Texas

You may recall The Real Texas, the oddball, western-themed Zelda-alike released back in June by Kitty Lambda Games. The creator, Calvin French, was good enough to provide me a copy–my early impressions playing through the start of the game follow: Actually, I undersold Calvin’s generosity just now: he was nice enough to provide me with […]

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Along with last week’s announcement that Cardinal Quest 2 is on the way, developer Ruari O’Sullivan was good enough to give me a pre-release beta build of the game for me to check out. Below, you can see my first (and bar a few hiccups, surprisingly successful) attempt at playing as a thief. Check it […]

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With the recent release of an alpha demo for Underrail, I decided to go ahead and give the game a shot. It took a bit of tinkering to get it working*, but I did, and recorded my first impressions playing the game. Check it out: The short of it: if you liked Fallout and Fallout […]

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As mentioned in last week’s coverage of Defender’s Quest, there is a Gold Edition due for release soon with improved graphics, an improved interface, and a special New Game+ that adds sidequests and special abilities to items. Lars Doucet of Level Up Labs was nice enough to give me access to a pre-release version of […]

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