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Since its announcement in March of this year, it seems like King Voxel has been in nearly every Back to Back article I’ve written. Given the number of times I’ve mentioned the game, you would think that I had some notion of whether it is any good or not–but up until the past few days, […]

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I’ve been wanting to check out Steam Marines for quite some time now; and luckily, developer James Seow was kind enough to indulge my desires with an alpha build of the game. This video is the lovechild of that unholy union. Behold! So: first impressions! Steam Marines is basically what would happen if someone turned […]

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Remember Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars? (I hope so–I just posted about it a few days ago!) The developers were kind enough to give me a copy of the game to look at–per tradition, I have done so, recording the affair and providing my thoughts in real-time as I go. Without further ado! (Note: I recommend […]

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There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to sit down and try out a hip-hop sci-fi RPG. That time came for me a few days ago when I finally got around to trying out oddball jRPG Kanye Quest 3030 (previously covered here). The results? See for yourself: My initial impressions: the […]

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David Pittman of Minor Key Games was nice enough to give me access to a (very, very) late alpha version of Eldritch (previously covered here). He writes: “I’m calling it an alpha, but it’s closer to what other developers would probably call a beta: it is content complete, and the only things that are changing […]

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You may recall me posting about UnEpic a couple of weeks back. Developer Francisco Tellez de Meneses was good enough to send me a copy of UnEpic to check out–and so naturally, I recorded myself doing just that. I was rather surprised to discover that UnEpic is not just a side-scrolling action RPG–it’s actually a […]

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I’ve been curious to try out Conclave ever since I got wind of it. Last night, that is exactly what I did. You can see the results below: I didn’t get too far, as you can see, but Conclave seems to have some real promise–especially if you’re playing it with friends. (That said, I’d really […]

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I was curious to see what Phil Hamilton had gotten up to with his latest release, Skyborn (previously covered here), and so I did what I often do in these circumstances: I went ahead and checked the game out while recording my first impressions. The result? See for yourself! In short: I found the first […]

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I got a chance to check out Bonfire last night, as Moacube was kind enough to send an alpha build my way. As is my custom, I made a video of the proceedings. That video follows: More than anything, the combat in Bonfire makes me think of a turn based variant on The Spirit Engine […]

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Last month, I posted about Delver’s Drop and interviewed developers Pixelscopic on certain aspects of how the game will work. Yesterday, I actually got my hands on a pre-alpha build and took it for a test drive. What you see here is not a finished game, but I can confirm that what they have done […]

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