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David Pittman of Minor Key Games was nice enough to give me access to a (very, very) late alpha version of Eldritch (previously covered here). He writes: “I’m calling it an alpha, but it’s closer to what other developers would probably call a beta: it is content complete, and the only things that are changing […]

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In my hand Youtube account, I come bearing a new video: Checks Out Avadon 2! Specifically, we’ll be looking at an early version of the Windows port of the game. It’s still in beta, but this should give us a peek at what we’re in for: Jeff Vogel has been making these sorts of […]

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Movie night: Eschalon Book III, Telepath Tactics

Dim the lights and get comfy, folks: it’s time for another movie night, where we watch new videos of games we’ve covered before on

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Andrew Ellem of Winged Pixel was kind enough to provide me with an alpha build of his interesting multi-party, turn-based strategy / first-person dungeon crawler, Heroes of a Broken Land (previously covered here). As you can see, I quickly died, then had much more success after restarting: The game is still early in development, but […]

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Hey guys! I kinda screwed up recording this: none of my hilarious, witty commentary made it into the video (sadface). BUT. This video will still give you a really good sense of how the first hour of Last Dream (previously covered here) plays. (And of course, those of you who hate it when I voice […]

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Movie night: Soul Compass, The Dungeoning, Liege

You know what, folks? It’s been a while since we last did a movie night. Why don’t we check in on the latest videos showing the development of Soul Compass, The Dungeoning and Liege (last covered here, here and here, respectively)? “But Craig,” you say, “you just covered Lieg–” You pause, feeling the stern glare […]

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You may recall me posting about UnEpic a couple of weeks back. Developer Francisco Tellez de Meneses was good enough to send me a copy of UnEpic to check out–and so naturally, I recorded myself doing just that. I was rather surprised to discover that UnEpic is not just a side-scrolling action RPG–it’s actually a […]

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I’ve been curious to try out Conclave ever since I got wind of it. Last night, that is exactly what I did. You can see the results below: I didn’t get too far, as you can see, but Conclave seems to have some real promise–especially if you’re playing it with friends. (That said, I’d really […]

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I was curious to see what Phil Hamilton had gotten up to with his latest release, Skyborn (previously covered here), and so I did what I often do in these circumstances: I went ahead and checked the game out while recording my first impressions. The result? See for yourself! In short: I found the first […]

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Back at the end of March, you may recall me covering the 2011 Elder Scrolls-style open world RPG Realms of Fortune. Developer Clayton Lilly was kind enough to provide me with a Windows copy of the game; as I often do, I chose to document my first 30 minutes with it for your amusement / […]

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